To turn a backyard into an urban oasis, start by assessing the space and creating a plan that meets your needs and preferences. Consider incorporating elements like raised garden beds, a pergola or gazebo, and outdoor cooking and dining areas. To create a sense of privacy and relaxation, add screening plants, a water feature, and comfortable seating. You could also consider adding features like a fire pit or outdoor lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for entertaining guests or simply enjoying some quiet time outdoors. With some thoughtful planning and creative design, your backyard can become an oasis of tranquility and relaxation amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Raised Garden Beds

Raised Garden Beds

Even in a tiny urban backyard or patio, you may grow your own vegetables and herbs with raised garden beds …
Backyard firepit area

Firepit Area

It’s May and time to get started on the firepit area in the back yard. I am hoping that with …
The brick wall

Brick Wall

This wall was built using 100 year old bricks from the removal of two chimneys in our house. We have …
Backyard with grass

Getting Started

When we purchased the house in 2011 the backyard was covered with grass. I really do not like to mow so my fist step was to dig up all of the grass. This is what the back yard looked like after I was done digging up the grass.