This wall was built using 100 year old bricks from the removal of two chimneys in our house. We have a small back yard in the city and this was a great way to add character and charm to our backyard. Using old bricks gives the wall a rustic and authentic look that can’t be replicated with newer materials. It also creates a sense of privacy and enclosure, making the space feel more intimate and cozy.

Repurposing old materials is an eco-friendly way to add value to your property while minimizing waste. Overall, using 100 year old bricks to build this wall is a unique and visually appealing way to enhance our small urban oasis.

Brick Wall Support Bracket
Brick Wall

Brick Wall Support Brackets

Brick wall support brackets or ties serve as indispensable elements in establishing a robust connection between your brickwork and the underlying structure. By delivering additional stability, they contribute to the overall strength and reliability of your wall, effectively safeguarding it against potential hazards and ensuring its enduring structural integrity. Brick wall support brackets or ties…

Brick Wall Weep Hole
Brick Wall

Retaining Wall Weep Holes

Retaining walls and other ground-draining structures all have weep holes. Weep holes offer a drainage outlet that enables any moisture that may enter the wall from behind through penetrating, capillary action, or leakage. The installation of weep holes in brick masonry also acts as a ventilator, allowing air to reach the back of the wall…

Brick Wall Foundation
Brick Wall

Laying the Foundation

The concrete retaining wall in the back of our yard was poured last year and is now ready for the bricks. Bricks from the removal of two chimneys that are over 100 years old are being used for most of the wall. The first step was to clear out the area in front of the…

100 year old brick wall